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As the growing number of businesses, employees and organizations move to remote working and learning, I want to take you through some of the best tools out there to use to host online meetings and virtual conferences.  With the rapid change across our globe many people are left wondering will this be the new way of the world.

If you’ve ever considered hosting a virtual conference, I’m sure you’ve spent hours troweling through your web browser researching the endless online platforms available. Find out our three top tools you must consider if taking your next conference online.

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Zoom is an amazing cloud based platform for hosting virtual conferences, meetings, webinars, training and much more. Established in 2011 the platform is a leader within the sector with hundreds of thousands of businesses and individuals accessing the technology via desktop, smart phone or other devices including iPads.

Zoom features HD video quality and crystal-clear audio, with support for up to 1000 live video conference participants and 10,000 viewers at a time.  The built in collaboration tools, including screen sharing, messenger chat and Q&A functionality ensures users can constantly engage within the platform.  Zoom is compatible with event software such as Events Air and apps including Slack and Microsoft Teams. A Zoom Video Webinar Plan starts from a low cost of $56.00 per month and is fantastic value for money.

We can expect to see a huge movement around the technology providers and platforms we engage with.


GoToMeeting is one of the most popular video conferencing tools on the current market. It is a fantastic solution for organisations who have outgrown entry level meeting platforms or are looking to dabble in virtual conferencing, webinar or seminars. Go To Meetings features HD video and audio, virtual whiteboards and drawing tools, mobile conferencing from your personal device and meeting recording and note taking capability.  This is an easy to use and fantastic software for customers, clients or colleagues via the Internet delivered in real time.


Slido is an easy to use Q&A and polling platform designed to encourage open conversations and attendee interaction within virtual conferences. Slido enables delegates to ask questions in real time, allows other participants to comment on questions, react up or down to questions and ask questions anonymously. Sildo’s Switcher app functionality enables you to seamlessly switch between audience questions or polls and back to your presentation. Slido is a fantastic platform to make your next virtual conference more interactive.

As more conferences move online amid the coronavirus epidemic, we can expect to see a huge movement around the technology providers and platforms we engage with.  I suspect virtual conferences to have a place in our future as professional conference organizers and we look forward to navigating the revolution with you! To find out more or discuss your next virtual conference please get in contact with a member of our team.