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Undertaking an event management role is an amazing experience, however we understand first hand the pressures of ensuring the planning and executing process runs smoothly. From outline your initial event brief and marketing to any return on investment goals you might have. Collectively at BCCM we have over 15 years experience in conference and event management, and wanted to share 5 of our most important event management tips so you have a shining start.

Know Your Audience
For an effective, insightful and successful corporate event, you need to understand your audience first and foremost. Understanding who you’re inviting, the reasons why they will be interested in attending and what your audience hopes to gain from coming will affect how seamless your event management will be. Knowing your audience is the first step in creating a clear brief for the corporate event, this is important to set the tone, style and visual elements for the day. We recommend first breaking down who the event is for, asking why they should be interested in joining, and what they will learn from it.

Get friendly with your financials

When we talk about financials there are two aspects you have to consider while wearing your event management hat! The first being your corporate event budget, including everything from travel allowance, decorations and catering. However this also includes any plans you have to ensure there’s a return on investment by the end of the day, such as tiered ticketing, special bonus experiences and offering exclusive products to purchase. For some this can be a scary task, which is why connecting with one of our Professional Conference Organisers is a perfect solution to ensure your finances are taken care of efficiently and effectively early on in the planning process. This organiser will not only take care of the money side of things, but will also ensure event technology, event logistics and venue/accomodation is looked after. Interested in event finance management? Learn more about our speciality services here.

Avoid Last Minute Marketing
The last thing we want happening is you spend 9 months+ working on the event management for your corporate event only to realise you’ve left little time to market this event to potential sponsors or special guests and communicate it within your network. We’ve seen too many businesses left short handed because the marketing side was left to the last minute. In order to run a successful event, clear and early communication is essential for both guests, sponsors and other leading attendees. We suggest going back to basics in communicating your event internally (emails, memos, calls), and lean into our professional advice for any bigger marketing opportunities.

Stay on top of your time management
Another highly important tip is stay on top of your time management- when this starts to slip there’s a higher chance of key elements of the event to be missed or not thoroughly thought through. Ensuring you have strong time management skills is needed as the event management industry is built on time pressures, due dates and specific event timings. Creating a project timeline is a great tool to keep yourself, your team and any outsider suppliers on schedule. It’s another great solution to keep different parties accountable for deadlines, samples or products you’re making specifically for the event. Our team at BCCM are to-do list champions and stay organised with project timelines, because of this we never miss a beat and are always on top of our time management game.

Ask for help!
If you’ve been reading through this list with a fast beating heart, or you’ve let out a nervous laugh- it’s okay. We promise you there is light at the end of your event management tunnel,  and that is to allow our team of incredibly skilled, experienced and passionate professionals to take care of it all. Outsourcing a professional Conference organiser allows companies such as ours  to take your corporate event to the next level, while you can focus on what’s important and that’s nurturing your own company to ensure you’re ready for an unforgettable event. At BCCM we’re not only driven by organising extraordinary experiences tailored to your business but also by providing reliable support and a genuine shoulder to lean on through this process.